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[20 Jun 2012 | No Comment | 2,054 views]

Fantastically sweaty, moody and tuff, I came for a trial lesson this evening and I’ll be coming back (London Fight Factory). Several reasons for the swift decision a) the smell, it just smells like a proper boxing gym and I dig that (gross but true) 2) lots of kicking, boom c) numerous Israelis & Brazilians, and you’d be in the minority if you haven’t heard about my weakness for pretty Israeli & Brazilian boys, ha ha.
Most of the class was pad work with a partner, sandwiched between warm up & …

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[16 May 2012 | No Comment | 5,215 views]
Koh Tao, Thailand

An unexpected addition to my trip… three days on dinky Koh Tao.

Don’t read this for any sightseeing tips, I stuck to my favourite Thai attraction: plastic tables on the beach for reading, coffee, juice, working, BBQ, monging. Ventures only included massage, yoga and, for a last minute push, kick boxing training. Ka-pow!