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[11 Nov 2012 | One Comment | 4,121 views]
Vienna airport

I realise there are rules about what can/ can’t be brought through customs one country to another, but let’s be honest, those rules aren’t clear, especially since the 100ml rule came in.
Montenegro has the Euro. Montenegro duty free staff checked our boarding passes and let us buy goods (two bottles of wine, two small bottles of Montenegron brandy between two people) and were specific that we couldn’t buy more. On arrival in Vienna anything over 100ml was removed from us.

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[17 May 2012 | One Comment | 1,996 views]

I’ve been thinking about how we look at our personal history, the unexpected changes that we face and the ways that we manage those changes for ourselves.
Specifically, I’ve been thinking about how I look at the major changes that have taken place in my life. Getting divorced, was a journey and a transformation that I’m very comfortable with. I’m not going to reflect on that now, not for any emotional reason but because I doubt I have anything to add to the thousands and thousands of words that have …

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[9 May 2012 | One Comment | 47,259 views]
Ubud-Sanur-Phuket-Phang Nga

Working my way south in Bali, hopping across the water and then working my way north in Thailand.

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[6 Apr 2012 | 13 Comments | 24,591 views]

en route to my yoga course. it’s all about the journey…

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[6 May 2011 | No Comment | 1,802 views]

This morning I took my Mum to the airport. She had been here in Sydney visting me for just over two weeks. We’ve had a great time – been away together to Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road, hung out in Manly & chez moi, spent time with my friends, and kept Sydney’s hospitality industry well and truly afloat :)
It’s the third time that Mum has been to visit, so it’s the third time that we’ve been in Sydney departures saying ‘goodbye’. I find the whole experience so …

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[6 Jun 2010 | No Comment | 3,366 views]
Highlights: Singapore

After a couple of trips to Singapore, the bits and pieces that I did like around town.

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[31 Mar 2010 | No Comment | 1,493 views]
on way to first surf holiday!