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SOSA (day off #2): indulging

23 April 2012 6,949 views 5 Comments

have an hour’s lie-in • nice to wake up to sunlight • get ready • rice field run • first k am carrying my Sari Organic takeaway box to return for recycling! • beautiful morning, shiny sun, few clouds, cool air – cooler than normal • the volcanoes are really clear, with fluffy cumuli below the peaks • there’s morning mist caught in some of the canopies of the gorge and across the rice fields • “morning” “morning” • get to the end, about turn • take an alternative path, dunno where it’ll lead • i’m in the rice fields, properly in them • am running on the little strips of turf either side of the mini irrigation stream running between the fields, it’s not what you’d call solid footing • i have wet feet • the fields are all tiered, even if it’s just by 30cm • take a mud path down to the aqueduct, i’m pretty sure this will lead me to somewhere i should be • lots of building work, Luxe Villas, mixed thoughts about that • i’ve not been on this path/ road before, i think it’s leading back to Ubud • there’s a field that’s fallow, is that the right word? not being used for crops at the moment? so it’s basically just mud, and there are dozens of ducks there • lots more building • i’m on a nice little street, cobbled and with cute shops & restaurants • come out by Starbucks (have I mentioned that’s here.?) • run down the main street, fortunately there aren’t many people around at this time. fortunate because i am attired in leggings & a crop top • home • stretch • shower • pancakes, fruit & coffee with Aiyu and Chang • nice to spend some time chatting to the family • work • emails • more coffee sitting on the terrace • listen to Sarah’s playlist, great tracks • “love is my religion” will be in my head all day • change • bike to bike place • trade in for a pink scooter for the day • up to Bali Buddha & Ganesha Bookshop • book of short stories by an Indian author, banana bread, more ‘bug begone’ • scooter outta town • i’m trying to follow the same route that i took when i was in Ubud last • windy roads through hanging trees • little village area • beautiful big temple • the architecture in Bali really is remarkable, everything is big and solid and stone, sometimes I don’t know what’s what, a temple, a house, a wall • open rice fields, bouncing clouds in the sky, lots of herons in the water • i’m remembering the way… • stop for petrol and more banana bread nibbles • roll into the Four Seasons • chat to a few security/ reception people • this place is beautiful, it’s designed to make the most of its stunning location, which is right on the edge of the river valley, overlooking a deep gorge of jungle-ness • take a seat, read some short stories (my new favourite form), soak up the sounds • scooter down the road to Sayan Terrace • they say i can use the pool :) • more glorious views across the gorge and the gardens are lushly lovely too • don’t know what these trees are, the trunks & branches are bare, and almost grey in colour, and then vibrant pink flowers • hang out for the next three hours, dipping in the pool, reading, practising sun salutation sequences and drinking watermelon juice • make some good progress with the sequence planning • get dressed • scooter • ride around more little villages • find the Bali Orphan Day Centre and pick up some information • ride back the way i came • stop in the first village West of Ubud • have a foot and leg massage, need it because my calves are sore • relaxed • roadside warring for watermelon juice & crackers with sambal • these are the best crackers i’ve ever had in Bali • reading • i’ve started two really different books, from really different authors and yet in their opening pages they both express the same fascination – with the changing nature of man. that’s interesting/ odd • scooter back to Ubud • investigate some streets i haven’t bothered to so far • go back to the street i found this morning when i was running • it’s really cute, everywhere looks lovely, twinkling • Savannah Moon • perfect place, the guy is wonderful, the restaurant is charming, the art on the wall is by the owner’s sister, the menu is great, and cheap! • soda & lime • reading • veg curry with tempeh & potatoes, rice with roasted garlic, side of water spinach • so happy right now • and, good news, Pip had got into a touch of trouble but it came good. i think there’s more drama round the corner for him though, just sense it (it’s gloomy) • scooter back and re-swap for my bike • home • Skype • writing • tired, full, happy • zzz


the Four Seasons. modest joint

Sayan Terrace, looks more overcast than it was

a little friend to have a juice with

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