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SOSA (102/200): deepening

21 April 2012 3,096 views 6 Comments

This second week has been a totally different experience. Some of the other girls have mentioned it, and the teachers have referenced it too. For me, I’ve just felt so much more at ease, less pressured. Week one I really kept my head down, stayed focus, and I think that made a good foundation to relax more into this week, and I’m grateful for that.


I think I may be hooked on sunrise yoga. Quite how that’s going to pan out when I get back to Clapham I don’t know but these morning practices feel really natural now. As expected the practices have got increasingly challenging; as also expected we’re all more ready for those now. And we’ve had different themed practices: forward bends, hip openers, arm balances, which match what we’re learning that day. I’m actually wondering how I’ll bring back a lot of what I’ve learned and got used to here, especially from a lifestyle perspective. We talk a lot about considering what ‘serves you’ and I find that a useful way to consider my choices.
Bex’s session on Thursday was incredible, everyone was fired afterwards, it was amazing to see. She started the class by talking about satya, truth, it was very personal, very connecting, and I think drove all of us to the asana with a lot of power. This turned out to be headstand and flying crow day for me so I was stoked. Honestly, all day, we were all walking around glowing like beams of energy.
On Saturday we had our first practice with Cat and I don’t think any of us were prepared for how different and challenging that would be. Her style is more to study and explore specific postures with a lot, I mean a lot, of intensity, I have my butt & belly have never felt like that and I am a bit scared to find out what the delayed muscle soreness might be like.


Well, there have been a few break throughs here… Of course I should say that asanas are a very tiny part of yoga and so I shouldn’t celebrate these achievements so much, but they’re so tangible how can you not! Crow pose (Bakasana) has always been tricky for me but I’m now throwing them out with more ease, frequency and grace, woo! Totally new poses for me have been side crow (Parsva Bakasana), flying crow (Eka Pada Galavasana) and, wait for it, head stand (Sirasana). The crows have all been unassisted, just a bit of core focus and a leap, or lean, of faith. Head stand was assisted – by the very awesome Mark, Californian, guest meditation leader on Friday – but I don’t care, I’ve finally done it. You could have fried an egg on me after that I was sizzling with so much excitement.
Other poses we’ve had some fun with are dolphin (hereforth known as evil dolphin), standing bow (why is there always a more advanced version?), the splits (looks so good, feels so bad!), tortoise (impossible to exit nicely).


So like I said, been taking it a bit more easy this week so that’s included some indulgences. Reflexology on Monday and full massage & scrub on Friday. The reflexology was at Kush, the treatment place at Yoga Barn. It’s beautifully done and the service was awesome (cold flannels, fresh tea). The reflexology was wonderful, a good balance of delightful foot rub and health diagnosis/ treatment. It’s probably best if I go back next week to see if my health situation has changed at all donchya think… The massage was dead nice, just a regular oil massage, not the Thai beater-upper that I really like, but nice. Never had a scrub before so that was something different, particularly having body milk poured over me at the end. I felt soft & smooth and a little bit marinaded :)


We’ve done quite a bit of anatomy this week which has been fascinating, and great to hear things explained in different ways too. Also a bit intimidating but that’s what Google’s for, right.?
We’ve also got deeper into some of the Ayurvedic and spiritual concepts. Sacred geometry is ‘wow’, whether you get anything from it or not, you have to admit it’s ‘wow’.
Somewhere between anatomy and sacred energy Troy got going on the universe at large which resulted in the killer line, ‘when you think about it, life, the universe, is just one big orgasm’. He meant what he was saying, it was wicked. I get the intention and the education behind what he was saying but you gotta smile at that right.? :)

new moon

Thursday was a new moon. In Hindi and Ayurvedic practices it’s also known as a black moon and it’s considered to be the perfect time to plan new intentions, set new ideas, start afresh. At the start of this week Simone was also speaking with us about the structure of the teaching course and how we’re coming up for a typically and potentially very ‘fertile period’ in terms of personal development. Oddly, and I didn’t realise the symbolism of it happening on Thursday until afterwards, it was on this day of the new moon that a lot of fermenting pieces came together for me and I had some real moments. It was exciting, and emotional. More so once I realised my consciousness was in line with the whole blinkn universe (or a massive coincidence, obviously).


In case consciousness etc was a bit too much, keeping it real here…
Ah Gado Gado, my old friend. Saturday night Sari Organic delivered me a banana leaf lined box of heaven: steamed veg, pots of twangy peanut sauce, brown rice and a big green tempura-ed leaf (no idea..) Other highlights this week have been an Indian masala veg curry, salad & peanut sauce and roasted veg wraps from Little K and finding jasmine green tea in the supermarket. There were also a few repeat visits: another run at the Indonesian veg curry from the cheap warung I found last week, Japanese for lunch and went back to the Italian for garlic lathered vegetables and a mound of tomatoes.
Really cute thing happened too, my host family went away for a few days (we were looked after by an aunt!), and when they came back they gave me a box of, let’s say cookies. I had a few with no real understanding of what they were then took them to yoga school where the girls told me they were bean paste cookies. They were alright I thought, Regina & Anana ate a few and they’ve got very discerning taste.


As we move through the programme and uncover new disciplines & ideas it’s really interesting to see different people’s personalities come forwards. There’s a really sense of community and caring amongst the group as well, and openness, everyone is comfortable sharing what they think and feel but not in an over-hyped way. As compared to all the ‘are you tired’ comments from last week, I’ve had a lot of ‘Lucy, you’re glowing’ this week, which has been delightful. I can’t speak to that, most days I don’t see a mirror and am likely walking around with a streak of bike grease across my cheeks but my point is that it’s lovely to be in a place where people share sweet & kind opinions so nicely.
A couple of cool things have happened: we’re all sharing our favourite yoga/ happy music between the group, and Mishael (beautiful, mysterious, American but been in Asia for 20+ years) has agreed to give us a belly dance class next week, ripples baby yeah!
Monday I was at a tiny place for dinner and got talking to a friendly Danish girl, Meta. It was good chat, we came together in a mutual appreciation for Bahian music and South Indian curry, then talked about everything from bike riding, jewellery, travelling in Australia, yoga, Sri Lankan curry, blah blah blah.


The Little Princes are all safe and sound. Conor sorted them all out, changed the world and then scooted back to the states to get married, cute. The Cradle had a few more provoking ideas & suggestions but largely I was disappointed that more of what was written about hasn’t come to fruition (the book is ten years old now). Rumour has it there’s still time to save the planet so maybe some it will manifest eventually.
I’m about to start another Paulo Coelho, he always seems to pop up at the right time, “Aleph”, I think it’s pretty new. The book on asanas is almost done, I’m almost at the chapters on ‘nasal cleansing’ and ‘self enemas’, won’t see many corners turned over in those chapters I’m thinking…

what next

Day off tomorrow. I don’t feel as frantic about it as last week, for all the ‘taking it easy’ reasons mentioned at the start I should think. Coming up we’ve got more time with the different teachers – Cat, Tina and Uma – which will be expansive. We’ve also got to prepare and lead some of our own sessions, that will be a good test not only of ourselves but that group dynamic that we’ve been cultivating so far.
And looking forwards more… well, I’ve got some thoughts about next steps of training I want to do: Thai massage, some martial arts and visiting the Barcelona yoga conference. Any recommendations, thoughts on any of that please share.



volcanoes at dusk

coffee place across the road from the studio

SOSA girls taking it easy on the deck

Regina and me


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