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We’ve talked about it for years and now we’re finally in Morocco. Eight days to see if it’s all we expected while taking it more than easy and staying suntan focused.

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Just one night (but sometimes that’s all you need) to enjoy the lush PIetmonte countryside. A perfect escape from the city on a very hot weekend.

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Bergeggi & Spotorno

Italian bank holiday weekend on the coast. Gorgeous part of the world. Easy fun. And all before the crowds arrive for summer. Zing.

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Lake Como

There are many reasons to visit Lake Como – the scenery is incredible, the stars live here, there are watersports and heaps of hiking, the little towns are good for souvenir shopping. But we came for chatting and eating which Lake Como is also perfect for.

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Curtis Sittenfeld, “Sisterland”

Slightly alternative subject matter for this very very readable fiction that includes characters and situations you grow with. Enjoy.

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Duparc Oriental Spa

Gorgeous spa in the heart of town. A secret highlight in Turin.